asd Spy bluetooth headset crystal controlled UHF audio transmitter
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Spy bluetooth headset crystal controlled UHF audio transmitter

Spy bluetooth headset crystal controlled UHF audio transmitter
Brand: Endoacustica
Product Code: AUR-UHF

Extremely miniaturized spy bluetooth headset crystal controlled UHF audio transmitter. Exceptional audio performance. Automatic gain control. Microphone cable length on request. A distance of approximately 500/700 meters can be reached in open field thanks to the power output.
The performance obviously depends on the environmental conditions and the sensitivity of the receiver utilized. To obtain the highest performance, it's recommended the use of the transmitters listed in the catalogue, combined with our receivers.

Possible applications: By using a wide band UHF receiver, you will be able to listen secretly, and without arising any suspicion, to all phone calls, both incoming and outgoing, placed through the Bluetooth earpiece.
You will also be capable of intercepting any environmental conversations taking place in the immediate surroundings of the earpiece, within a few meters of distance.
Thanks to the power supplied by a 3V lithium battery, the AUR-UHF transmitter can provide a valuable service for long time, without having to worry about a frequent replacement of the battery.
The informations gathered can be transmitted at a distance ranging between a minimum of 150 and a maximum of 300 meters, depending on the conditions of the area around you (for example if the earpiece is in a basement, or if there are walls or other kinds of obstacles which might make the transmission problematic), as well as on weather conditions.

The transmitter can be also hidden into:

Pieces of clothing and footwear
Jewelry and accessories
Pieces of interior and furniture
Room finishing materials
Home electric appliances and electronics
Items of packaging
Communications means
Caution of use

It is recommended to integrate the product inside dielectric camouflage substances with low RF absorption ratio. Allocation of the product above metal surfaces can decrease radiation efficiency of the product.
While selecting a power supply source please take into account the data-sheet current value of the power source, which should be not less than the consumption current of the product.

Special characteristics

  • Super compact (9 × 18 × 3 mm)
  • High quality audio
  • Low power consumption
  • Wide range of power supply voltages
  • Variable output power
  • Crystal frequency control  
Technical Specification
Frequency 416.5 – 423.5 MHz
Frequency control Crystal
Relative frequency instability (0°C to +40°C) 0.01%
Modulation WFM
Maximum deviation of frequency non-linear distortion factor 7% ± 50 kHz
Attenuation of harmonic and sub-harmonic components 20dB
Audio response 0.3 - 6 kHz
Output power U=3V 7 mW
Output power U=6V 30 mW
Current consumption U=3V 10 mA
Current consumption U=6V 20 mA
Range of operation SNR 30 dB ( U=3 V) Icom-R10 scanning receiver =100 m / PRK 040 special receiver =100 m
Power supply 2.4 – 6 V
Recommended power supply 3 V, 1.5 Ah (lithium battery)
Time of continuous operation 5 days
Microphone External
Antenna Flexible, 180 mm
Length of power supply cable 100 mm
Operating temperature from 0°C a + 40°C
Dimensions 9 × 18 × 2.8 mm

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