asd Listening bug hidden in a cardboard
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Listening bug hidden in a cardboard

Listening bug hidden in a cardboard
Listening bug hidden in a cardboard
Brand: Endoacustica
Product Code: ENKARTON-BR

Just like the transmitter hidden into a pressboard, this cardboard rechargeable bug is perfect for room monitoring, and long-lasting transmission of audio intelligence on radio frequency.

This cardboard transmitter is rechargeable and is equipped with a remote control, equally hidden in a pressed cardboard.

For the cardboard hidden transmitter, it is possible to request different configurations in terms of frequency, output power, battery life (and therefore, operating time), as well as remote control and transmission via encrypted radio channel.

These setting may affect the size and thickness of the pressboard.


Frequency 416.5 – 423.5 MHz
Stabilizer Quartz
Modulation WFM
Power supply Li-PO rechargeable batteries
Output power  5 - 7 mW
Energy consumption  
- stand-by 0.15 mA
- in transmission mode 15 mA
Remote control frequency 140 – 150 MHz
Battery charger power supply 5 – 12 V
Battery life  
- stand-by 1 year
- in transmission mode 1 month
Dimensions 290 x 210 x 8 mm


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