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Environmental Telephone Bug

Environmental Telephone Bug
Brand: Endoacustica
Product Code: ENRMTK-100

Bug ideal for the monitoring of telephone lines and for eavesdropping. The information collected is transmitted via a radio channel with crystal control.
The user can customize all the operating parameters, also setting internal keys or control via remote radio controller.
The method of digital encryption ensures total protection against interception. The output mode at low power (30 mW) ensures operation times longer for the transmitter environmental phone, which makes it very difficult to detect even with bugs detectors. While the mode of high power output (100 mW) increases the range. The transmitter environmental phone is powered with an internal battery Nokia BL-5C battery. This transmitter environmental phone is equipped with voice activation function, thanks to a sensor that activates the transmitter only if it detects a signal from the telephone line or from the microphone, and terminates the operation within a certain period of time if they are no longer captured signals. The voice activation function ensures a longer operating time.
The product comes in a metal case, and comes with a connector for external microphone or inductive sensor, plug for charger, universal external antenna SMA socket, ON / OFF switch and low battery indicator.
There are two versions: Standard and Light. The light version does not include the option of digital coding and radio control unit.


Frequency 416.5 – 423.5 MHz
Frequency control Crystal
Modulation WFM/GMSK
Output Power  
- Low 30 mW
- Hi 100 mW
Power Supply NOKIA BL-5C (3.7 V) Lithium battery
Input voltage of external recorder 5 - 15 V (800 mA)
Current consumption  
- at 30 mW 40 mA
- at 100 mW 100 mA
- with rechargeable battery 65 g
- with microphone 87 g
- without microphone 75 g
Dimensions 62 x 59 x 12 mm

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