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High Power Listening Bug

High Power Listening Bug
Brand: Endoacustica
Product Code: ENRMK 121

Audio transmitter of small size with long range of operation. The product is housed in a metal housing and includes a microphone and a flexible antenna.
Given its small size and resistance, it lends itself well to be concealed in cars, for example. Its output power allows it to operate over long distances, sending a clear and robust even in adverse conditions.  
Once it picked up the information, the micro system transmits via radio to a receiver. The files are clear thanks to its crystal frequency control, which stabilizes the frequency optimizing the transmission level and neutralizing the influence of external factors such as temperature extremes.


  • Small size;
  • Long operating range;
  • High output power;
  • Reliable even in difficult conditions;
  • Easy to use and operate;
  • Protection against wrong polarity connection.


Frequency 416.5 – 423.5 MHz
Frequency control Crystal
Modulation WFM
Output power  400 mW
Power supply vehicle power network
Supply voltage 7 - 15 V
Current consumption:  
- at 7 V not more 170/80 mA
- at 12 V not more 120/50 mA
- at 15 V not more 100/38 mA
Time of continuous operation unlimited
Dimensions 82 x 28 x 8 mm

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