asd Crystal controlled stethoscope audio transmitter
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Crystal controlled stethoscope audio transmitter

Crystal controlled stethoscope audio transmitter
Brand: Endoacustica
Product Code: UHF-STE

Extraordinary  crystal controlled stethoscope bug. The ideal tool for professional audio monitoring operations through walls, glass, windows, etc. , even remotely. The bug is contained within a cylindrical container with a flexible external antenna and built-in battery. Moreover, the system includes a high sensitivity converter piezo-ceramic.
The product is powered by a 3V lithium CR2450 battery and is easy to use: it starts to work as soon as the battery is inserted inside. The system is small and light; just think that the microphone weighs only 30gr.

Technical specifications:

Irregularities amplitude frequency bandwidth at 6dB 0.2-6 KHz
Frequency 416.5 - 423.5 MHz
Frequency Control Stabilized Quartz
Output power of 5-7 mW Modulation WFM
Power Supply Voltage 3V-lithium battery
Duration at full capacity 50 hours
Antenna length: 160 mm Weight 35 g
Diameter Dimensions 30 x 18 mm

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