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Intelligence Transmitter
The bug at conveyed wave occurs without casing and is equipped with an external microphone and cables for connection to the mains supply at 220V. The system is based on a system designed specifically for eavesdropping, and for the transmission of information gathered through the subcarrier frequency of the electrical network, cable network to 220 V, 50 Hz AC. This allows you to place up to three..
Listening Bug and Remote Control
The particularity of this bug is its remote control. So the device can be turned on/off and remote controlled thanks to a comfortable and convenient remote control. This device is very small (62x59x12 m), this allows you to conceal it without problems even in objects, clothes and accessories. The bug with remote control works with an output power of 500 mW, and is powered by a rechargeable Li-io..
Listening bug hidden in a cardboard
Just like the transmitter hidden into a pressboard, this cardboard rechargeable bug is perfect for room monitoring, and long-lasting transmission of audio intelligence on radio frequency. This cardboard transmitter is rechargeable and is equipped with a remote control, equally hidden in a pressed cardboard. For the cardboard hidden transmitter, it is possible to request different configurati..
Listening device concealed inside optical mouse
Who can think that in a mouse is ther a powerful bug? Nobody, of course. This bug has great function: voice activation monitoring with adjustable sensitivity of the microphone. It has a built in phone number filter function, so the other phones will not be allowed to control the monitoring operation. It's possible enable or disable the operation mode with a simple SMS so it's very easy to use. ..
Long Distance Listening Bug
Ideal system for remote listening and monitoring of environments and people. This bug also works on very long distance, up to 1 km, and is very durable even in extreme conditions. The device is contained in a small metal box, external microphone and flexible antenna and with cables for connection to external power. The results are clear and limpid files that allow you to have a perfect idea of wha..
Long Life Listening Bug
Have a long life battery is without doubt big advantages in terms of monitoring and security. This bug with universal module is contained in a small metal enclosure with remote microphone and flexible antenna, and comes with connector and cable for the external power supply. The output power of the bug allows an optimal balance between durability and range of transmissions. Signal reception can ..
Micro flexible audio recorder for tie
Impossible to suspect the presence of a bug in a tie. But this microtransmitter thanks to its great flexibility, is specifically designed to be concealed inside clothing. The bug is made ​​up of three small elements: microphone with amplifier, transmitter and power supply. these items are connected via a flexible cable which functions as the antenna. The output power of the bug allows an optimal b..
Mouse with built-in capacitor microphone
It looks like a regular mouse, but it's a transmitter in every respect. A sensitive and powerful condenser microphone is hidden inside. It works very simply: just connect it to your PC and it'll start working. So it's powered directly from the PC. It ensures optimum audio file and lends itself well to the monitoring of offices and private rooms. Technical data:     Dimensio..
Multi-socket with UHF transmitter
The multisocket is an object present in many places: homes, offices, shops, public places...So it can easily become an ally to safeguard our security. The product is a fully functional electric multisocket with inside an high sensitive environmental radio-microphone. It's able to reach in open field distances greater than 1,500 meters. It's available in two frequencies.   ..
Pulse audio transmission kit
The Pulse audio transmission kit is perfect for radio frequency transmission of data and information. The system is based on the principle of the accumulation of data on the internal memory, RAM, and on the relative transmission in “packets” of data. The receiver, once received the “packets”, combines them and convert them into analog format. The kit includes the transmitter, contained in a meta..
Quadriband GSM bug with integrated A-GPS tracker
This extraordinary GSM bug with GPS tracker has GPS satellite receiver capabilities, which makes it possible not only receiving in real time all the conversations taking place within its operating range, but most of all, to keep its position under a constant control. The operation can easily be controlled remotely: by sending a simple SMS from the controlling phone number it's possible to manage ..
Quartz Listening Bug
Tiny quartz bug UHF that guarantees exceptional audio files and automatic gain control. Its power allows you to reach in the open field distances of 200-300 meters depending on environmental conditions and the sensitivity of the receiver used. The microphone cable length can be changed on request. The rechargeable lithium battery 3V allows optimal use in clothing, footwear, jewelery, accessories,..
Quartz Transmitter Listening Bug
Very small bug, versatile, suitable for many situations. Among its main features there are the automatic gain control and the extreme clarity of the signal. This system transmits via radio on the UHF band and is suitable for any type of spy operation, it can be hidden anywhere, even in a piece of cardboard. This quartz transmitter is between the more professional transmitters currently on the mar..
Remote Control Bug
The bug with remote control allows you to safely monitor environments and people. The system consists of a series of universal models for hidden installation. So it can be used in many ways, thanks to the different forms of power (mains, 12V car battery, 3 AA batteries). It's the ideal tool for both professionals and beginners who wish to control without being seen and without arousing suspicion. ..
Spy bluetooth headset crystal controlled UHF audio transmitter
Extremely miniaturized spy bluetooth headset crystal controlled UHF audio transmitter. Exceptional audio performance. Automatic gain control. Microphone cable length on request. A distance of approximately 500/700 meters can be reached in open field thanks to the power output. The performance obviously depends on the environmental conditions and the sensitivity of the receiver utilized. To obtain..
Spy Pen Module
UHF transmitter hidden in a pen, fully functional. A pen cannot arouse suspicion and allows you to use the bug in different environments: office, school, home...In this way you can monitor your environment in a hidden manner and find intrigue, betrayal and information leaks. Technical data:     Power: 6 to 9 Vcc     Emission frequency: UHF from 400 to 480 M..
Surveillance and telephone microphone
This multifunction microtransmitter is ideal for both phone and environment listening. In practice it enables you to intercept clearly the voices of both parties engaged in a telephone conversation, but when the phone isn't in use, ie, there are no calls in progress, it works as an environmental bug. The system is really small so very easy to hide. The sound moved, up to 600 meters away, is of exc..
Surveillance microphone
Atom is a UHF transmitter with built-in lithium battery. It's a very small device, but which produces exceptional audio file. Thanks to the high power, it's able to reach in the open field distances up to 200 meters, depending on the environmental conditions and the sensitivity of the receiver used. It can be conveniently used in both professional operations and for private purposes such as listen..
Transmitter with Spectrum Inversion
Universal digital bug ideal for hidden radio transmissions, impossible to intercept, due to its encrypted transmission spectrum inversion. The bug is housed in a small metal enclosure, equipped with connector or cables for  external power supply, microphone and flexible antenna. The high output power of the digital bug inversion spectrum enables high reliability even in very tough condition..
Triple-socket with UHF bug
While sitting at home you can monitor environments and people. How? With a simple triple socket that hides inside a radio-sensitive environmental microphone can cover distances, in open field, over 800 meters. A socket can be easily inserted into the interiors and certainly it will not be noticed. Technical data:     Power: 220 Vac     Emission frequency: U..
UMTS bug in a clock
UMTS AUDIO/VIDEO BUG IN WALL CLOCK A common wall clock with a audio / video UMTS bug inside, which can send images and sounds at unlimited distance. Ideal for indoor monitoring in a secret without arousing suspicion. This device is also equipped with motion sensor: the bug will begin to transmit data automatically as soon as the sensor senses a voice or a movement within its range. This prod..
UMTS transmitter in a table lamp
It looks like a normal table lamp, but on the inside it conceals a powerful and sensitive UMTS listening bug. Who can suspect that in it there is a micro system? Infact the lamp it's available in different designs and colors to combine it with the furnishings. It can send images and sounds at unlimited distance. The bug can work with motion and voice detection sensor, which will start automatica..
Universal Listening Bug Audio Transmitter
It's a basic module for universal radio transmission ideal for covert operations. The output power of the universal bug allows optimal performance with regard to the range and time of working. We recommend using the bug with one of our receivers with WFM mode. There are several power supply options: adapter for 220 V / 3 V, 80 mA, connection o battery 12 V / 3 V, 80 mA. TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIO..
Unlimited range audio/video miniaturized bug
The 3G and GSM video bug Falcon is an audio and video system, based on UMTS technology, which allows you to monitor, in real time, what happens in an environment. Small (only 43x40x8 mm) and lightweight (10 gr.), can be hidden easily in any appliance or object. Also the bug Falcon provides the ability to record file audio/video and take pictures on a MicroSD and send them via e-mail. This device..
Video Bug in a Infrared Sensor
UMTS AUDIO/VIDEO BUG IN AN INFRARED SENSOR The UMTS bug is contained in an infrared sensor continuously powered through the mains. The audio and video system hidden inside is very powerful and is able to transmit at unlimited distance data and information. To start listening, you simply call the number of the SIM inserted into or, in alternative, you can also set the automatic activation, that..