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Video Bug in a Smoke Detector
UMTS AUDIO/VIDEO BUG IN SMOKE DETECTOR A classic case of the professional operations of espionage: an UMTS bug in the smoke detector. It's an audio and video system able to transmit images and sounds at unlimited distance thanks to its 3G SIM card. To listen simply call the device using the number of the Sim card. It can use the product with activation of movement and voice. The call will be a..
Surveillance Wall Microphone 220v Transmitter
This microtransmitter can be powered directly from the mains 220 Vac therefore allows endless hours of recording. Thanks to its extremely compact size, it can be installed in junction boxes or behind a wall outlet. This system is able to pick up voices and noises within a room and it can reach up to 800m away. The audio files are clear and quick to listen. Technical data:   &nbs..
GSM bug inside calculator
A GSM listening bug inside a desktop calculator, with all the standard features. The professional device with highly sensitive sensor allows to start the bug when it detects a sound or a movement. Fully functional Desk top calculator has GSM listening device with 40 hours operation. This fully functional calculator can be left in office without arouse any suspicious and you will know what is ha..