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Digital Stereo Bug Kit

Digital Stereo Bug Kit
Digital Stereo Bug Kit
Brand: Endoacustica
Product Code: ENRMD 200S ENDPK 003S

The Digital Stereo Bug Kit ensures high quality signal in a broad range of volume, combined with the stability of the signal and an efficient noise filter.
This kit allows the simultaneous transmission of two independent audio signals (stereo) through a connection that guarantees the separation between the two channels. Using the remote control, you can easily switch from mono to stereo, ensuring the expansion of the audio response.
The frequency synthesizer also simplifies the selection of the frequency on which to transmit. The transmitter unit is produced in a metal box, equipped with jacks for external antennas, data channel and the remote control receiver, and external microphone.
The receiver unit included in the kit  is equipped with headphones, plug the line-out and recording controls.  This system works in a stable manner due to its algorithm analog-digital conversion.


Frequency 416.5 - 423.5 MHz
Modulazione GMSK
Dynamic range of signals on the microphone input 83 dB
Frequency response on the microphone input:  
- stereo mode (2 channels) 0.3 - 4 kHz
- mono mode (1 channel) 0.3 - 8 kHz
Channel rate 125 kbit/s
Output power (@ 3.6 V) 20/100 mW
Supply voltage 2.5 – 3.6 V
Current consumption (@ 3.6 V, 100 mW) 100 mA
Sensitivity of the RC receiver 0.7 mcV
Dimensions 72 x 24.5 x 7 mm


Frequency 151 MHz
Output power (@ 50 Ohm) 300 mW
Power supply 4 x ААА 1.5 V
Supply voltage 6 V
Dimensions 100 x 51 x 18 mm


Sensitivity 1.5 mcV
Power supply 4 x АА 1.5 V
Output power 6 V
Current consumption 150 mA
Dimensions 127 x 106 x 27 mm

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