asd Full Encrypted Digital Bug Kit
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Full Encrypted Digital Bug Kit

Full Encrypted Digital Bug Kit
Full Encrypted Digital Bug Kit
Brand: Endoacustica
Product Code: ENDPK 010 ENPRK 045

It's a professional bug for the transmission of mono audio signal in digital mode.
The kit includes a bug housed in a small metal box, equipped with an external antenna, microphone and power supply. To use the system, simply insert the batteries into the power supply.
The kit bug encrypted digital uses an algorithm to 16 bits for the analog-digital conversion,  compression and transmission of audio data intercepted. This ensures high signal quality and noise reduction, also thanks to the crystal controlled radio channel.
For optimum performance is recommended to add a receiver to the transmitter for radio control.
The receiver is equipped with a channel selector, volume control, level indicator signal and battery, connection for external antenna jacks for headphones and recorder.


Frequency 416.5 - 423.5 MHz
Modulazione GMSK
Dynamic range (microphone input) 83 dB
Audio response (microphone input) 0.2 – 14 kHz
Channel rate 125 kbit/s
Output power:  
- @ 3 V 5 mW
- @ 6 V 20 mW
Supply voltage 2.2 – 6.5 V
Current consumption:  
- @ 3 V 10 mA
- @ 6 V 20 mA
Dimensions 30.5 x 9.5 x 4.7 mm


Sensitivity   3 mcV

Power supply   4 x АА 1.5 V
Reception channels   16
Supply voltage   6 V
Current consumption   150 mA
Dimensions   127 x 106 x 27 mm

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