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A listening bug hidden inside a cigarette pack
A normal pack of cigarettes that hides inside an analog radio bug, which transmits via radio, on the UHF frequency band, with an operating time of up to 18 hours. The produced files have extreme clarity for great results. The cigarette pack bug is the perfect solution to monitor environment or people completely unnoticed. TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS Frequency   416...
Bug Hidden In A Cardboard
A normal cardboard for packaging that hides inside a powerful bug perfect for the transmission and audio monitoring for a long period of time. The bug is composed of a wireless microphone, with antenna and power supply to the lithium cells. The carton has a thickness of 4.5-5.0 mm. Upon request, the transmitter cardboard can be configured with various options for frequency, output power, battery ..
Bug with Spectrum Inversion
Powerful bug with spectrum inversion housed in a metal case with external microphone and flexible antenna. The case has a single button on and off that allow a comfortable and simple using. On the body of the device there is also a connector for external power supply. The transmitter with spectrum inversion comes complete with accessories to be worn on your belt. It's possible to receive the enc..
Calculator with microbug
A GSM listening bug inside a desktop calculator, with all the standard features. The professional device with highly sensitive sensor allows to start the bug when it detects a sound or a movement. Fully functional Desk top calculator has GSM listening device with 40 hours operation. This fully functional calculator can be left in office without arouse any suspicious and you will know what is ha..
Compact audio transmitter
This compact bug is composed of a printed circuit board, protected with a plastic cover, a power supply connector, located on the back of the circuit, a built-in microphone and an external antenna. It's used for the transmission of audio information via radio channel. The signal is transmitted to special receivers, or any scanner with WFM mode. The bug is compact, easy to use and lends itself to ..
Crystal controlled stethoscope audio transmitter
Extraordinary  crystal controlled stethoscope bug. The ideal tool for professional audio monitoring operations through walls, glass, windows, etc. , even remotely. The bug is contained within a cylindrical container with a flexible external antenna and built-in battery. Moreover, the system includes a high sensitivity converter piezo-ceramic. The product is powered by a 3V lithium CR245..
Crystal controlled UHF audio transmitter
UHF crystal controlled audio bug with exceptional characteristics. Very small (9 × 18 × 3 mm) with automatic gain control and microphone cable length on request. The system is able to pick up sounds and voices up to a distance of 200/300 meters, variable according to the environmental conditions and the sensitivity of the receiver used. The bug is powered by lithium battery 3V voltages produce dif..
Digital Line Carrier Bug
The bug at conveyed wave occurs without casing and is equipped with an external microphone and cables for connection to the mains supply at 220V. The system is based on a system designed specifically for eavesdropping, and for the transmission of information gathered through the subcarrier frequency of the electrical network, cable network to 220 V, 50 Hz AC. This allows you to place up to three..
Digital Portable Bug
Extraordinary bug impossible to intercept: in this way your transmitted data will be absolutely secure. Through the use of the radio channel with digital encryption, you can prevent any attempt of interception of the data transmitted. The received signal has no attributes that make it identifiable as voice or data signal, and any prying ears could only hear a noise. The Digital Portable bug is c..
Digital Stereo Bug Kit
The Digital Stereo Bug Kit ensures high quality signal in a broad range of volume, combined with the stability of the signal and an efficient noise filter. This kit allows the simultaneous transmission of two independent audio signals (stereo) through a connection that guarantees the separation between the two channels. Using the remote control, you can easily switch from mono to stereo, ensuring..
Environmental microphone hidden in power supply for notebook
Universal power supply for notebook fully functioning with inside a radio-sensitive environmental microphone. Perfect for any type of notebook thanks to a special plug adapter. Ideal to monitor professional environments, offices as well as domestic rooms. It's powered by mains 100V ~ 240V. The microsystem is perfectly concealed inside the power supply, therefore, doesn't raise any suspicion. Tech..
Environmental Telephone Bug
Bug ideal for the monitoring of telephone lines and for eavesdropping. The information collected is transmitted via a radio channel with crystal control. The user can customize all the operating parameters, also setting internal keys or control via remote radio controller. The method of digital encryption ensures total protection against interception. The output mode at low power (30 mW) ensures..
Full Encrypted Digital Bug Kit
It's a professional bug for the transmission of mono audio signal in digital mode. The kit includes a bug housed in a small metal box, equipped with an external antenna, microphone and power supply. To use the system, simply insert the batteries into the power supply. The kit bug encrypted digital uses an algorithm to 16 bits for the analog-digital conversion,  compression and transmission ..
GSM bug for car
The best audio transmitter for vehicles and internal environments. This  GSM Quadriband audio transmitter allows you to listen from any distance. It's very small (39x40x9 mm), so it can be easily concealed. The device involves a powerful Digital Signal Processor (DSN) that reduces and eliminates noises and rustles whether in domestic or vehicular environment. Thanks to its strong rejection..
GSM Bug in a Lamp
It' a normal table lamp, fully functioning, but with one more characteristic. It conceals a powerful and sensitive GSM quadriband listening bug. The lamp is available in different designs and colors. So nobody can suspect that in it there is a micro system. Monitoring through the GSM bug lamp, you can just call directly the SIM card concealed inside it, or setting it with an motion and voice dete..
GSM Bug in a Multisocket
This is a GSM triband audio transmitter concealed in a fully operational multisocket It's he first vocally activated multisocket (VAS) with GSM incorporated hidden audio transmitter. There are many types of multisocket and they can be adapted to any country. Inside there is a miniaturized GSM audio transmitter with really amazing characteristics. The spy socket allow you to hear from any distan..
GSM Bug in a PIR Sensor
It's an effective PIR sensor equipped with a GSM listening bug which allows you to easily monitor environments from a distance, with no transmission interruption. It's a great friend of your security. This PIR sensor turns on automatically when it detects an infrared light source within a certain temperature range, for example a human body. The PIR sensor works in a normal way and, in addition, ..
GSM Bug inside a smoke detector
It looks just like a normal anti smoke detector, but this simple device hidden a powerful spy tool. The smoke sensor with a GSM bug is perfect for high quality room monitoring, with basically no risk of being exposed. In fact, within this smoke sensor there is a highly sensitive GSM quadriband bug which, thanks to the SIM card housed inside and to the main power supply, allows informations trans..
GSM bug inside a wall clock
A normal clock to put in every place. Never it can arouse suspects. It works normally  like a clock, but it has something more. It hides a GSM listening bug with a highly sensitive sensor which allows for automatic startup of the bug as soon as it detects a sound or a motion. The wall clock with a GSM bug gives you the opportunity to adjust sensitivity of its activation sensor. TECHNICAL ..
GSM Listening device with voice activation sensor
This GSM-BUG at unlimited distance is very easy to use and it stands at a mere 40 x 30 x 10 mm along with its internal rechargeable battery, in fact, make it perfectly suitable for discreet eavesdropping and smart concealing in basically any possible location. You have to insert the SIM card in its housing and with just one click the GSM bug will be ready for use. So you save a lot of time for in..
GSM power socket bug
This bug is involved in a normal power socket. So it doesn't need any recharging, as power is directly provided via the plug. This device uses the military technology GSM module and it has a sensor for automatic voice activation. It's ideal at home, in offices, shops and warehouses because it doesn't arouse any suspicion. With its compact size, clear voice reception, ease to use, stable performan..
GSM quadriband audio transmitter
This is a professional GSM quadriband audio transmitter equipped with two stereo microphones. It's perfect for ambient locations such as vehicle or domestic room, remote unlimited audio surveillance. Equipped with two microphones for a perfect audio reception. The system allows to listen to ambient or vehicles from any distance. With its minimum size, it can be easily concealed in any vehicle..
Gsm Triband Audio Transmitter
The GSM Triband audio transmitter works from an unlimited distance and it is very light (just 20 grams) and very small (38x35x10 mm). It's a highly versatile and valuable product as it's easy to use and to program. It can be programmed from a distance through simple instructions sent via sms. This  GSM Triband has a extraordinary function: can be programmed up to 3 numbers to monitor th..
Hidden bug in the belt
A belt is an everyday object, worn daily by millions of people. But there is one more special than the others. It's a belt that hides a tiny audio bug. The bug in the belt is easy to use: it has only one on/off switch, external microphone (70 cm) and flexible antenna. The system is portable and durable. It's powered by a Lithion battery and produces excellent quality file. CHARACTERISTICS ..
High Power Listening Bug
Audio transmitter of small size with long range of operation. The product is housed in a metal housing and includes a microphone and a flexible antenna. Given its small size and resistance, it lends itself well to be concealed in cars, for example. Its output power allows it to operate over long distances, sending a clear and robust even in adverse conditions.   Once it picked up the inform..