asd Quadriband GSM bug with integrated A-GPS tracker
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Quadriband GSM bug with integrated A-GPS tracker

Quadriband GSM bug with integrated A-GPS tracker
Brand: Endoacustica
Product Code: GSM-GPS SPY

This extraordinary GSM bug with GPS tracker has GPS satellite receiver capabilities, which makes it possible not only receiving in real time all the conversations taking place within its operating range, but most of all, to keep its position under a constant control.
The operation can easily be controlled remotely: by sending a simple SMS from the controlling phone number it's possible to manage the bug’s functions. You can also receive in real time its geographical coordinates, so you can easily monitor on Google Maps or similar software. In addition, thanks to the functionality of position identification using CELL-ID, there is no need that the bug is installed in particular locations for the hooking of GPS satellite signals, but it can be positioned at any point of cars, bags, clothing etc. ..
The GSM bug is a professional device ideal for corporate espionage or a marital infidelity case.
The rechargeable battery, delivering a continuous operating time between 7 and 10 hours or up to 400 hours in standby mode. The product also allows you to achieve a durable and reliable surveillance, precisely pinpointing the suspect’s movements, while intercepting their conversation with timely efficiency.

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