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GSM Bug in a PIR Sensor

GSM Bug in a PIR Sensor
Brand: Endoacustica
Product Code: GSM-PIR

It's an effective PIR sensor equipped with a GSM listening bug which allows you to easily monitor environments from a distance, with no transmission interruption. It's a great friend of your security.
This PIR sensor turns on automatically when it detects an infrared light source within a certain temperature range, for example a human body.
The PIR sensor works in a normal way and, in addition, has a GSM listening bug inside. The GSM transmitter is connected directly to the electricity mains. It is particularly suitable for surveillance of public places, pubs, restaurants etc.


- Frequency: 850/900/1800/1900 MHz (GSM Quadri Band)
- RF power: 2W Class 4 (900 MHz) – 1W Class 1 (1800 MHz)
- SIM housing: Sliding slot inside the module
- SMS type: Text
- VOX Function: Adjustable
- Filters Function: HI-PASS and LOW-PASS filter adjustment
- DSP Functions: Noise reduction adjustment, echo canceling, incoming signal processing etc
- Battery power: 7-26 Vdc via micro power adaptor, or 3,6 Vdc direct via bridge
- Mains power: Directly from 220V network, via dedicated power transformer. Perfect to be used with single and multiple plugs
- Current consumption: 3,6 Vdc = 75mA in standby, 200mA
- Voice transmission:
12 Vdc = 30mA in standby, 100mA in voice transmission
18 Vdc = 22mA in standby, 69mA in voice transmission
24 Vdc = 18mA in standby, 42mA in voice transmission
26 Vdc = 17mA in standby, 40mA in voice transmission
- Microphone: Otophone type
- GSM Antenna: Integrated, cable type
- Connectors: Power supply with red (+) and black (-) output. Anti-tearing microphone cables with steel core and double coating
- Operating status: Red LED for peripheral status monitoring
- Sensor/Parameters: Accelerometer parameters can be set via SMS
- Weight: 30 gr. approx
- Dimensions: 40 x 39 x 9 mm

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