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GSM Bug in a Lamp

GSM Bug in a Lamp
Brand: Endoacustica
Product Code: SPY-LAMP

It' a normal table lamp, fully functioning, but with one more characteristic. It conceals a powerful and sensitive GSM quadriband listening bug. The lamp is available in different designs and colors. So nobody can suspect that in it there is a micro system.
Monitoring through the GSM bug lamp, you can just call directly the SIM card concealed inside it, or setting it with an motion and voice detection sensor, which will automatically call the preset number as soon as someone start talking or there is a noise.
This product it's ideal for internal surveillance, in professional places and at home.


- Frequency: 850/900/1800/1900 MHz (GSM Quadri Band)
- RF power: 2W Class 4 (900 MHz) – 1W Class 1 (1800 MHz)
- SIM housing: Sliding slot inside the module
- SMS type: Text
- VOX Function: Adjustable
- Filters Function: HI-PASS and LOW-PASS filter adjustment
- DSP Functions: Noise reduction adjustment, echo canceling, incoming signal processing etc
- Battery power: 7-26 Vdc via micro power adaptor, or 3,6 Vdc direct via bridge
- Mains power: Directly from 220V network, via dedicated power transformer. Perfect to be used with single and multiple plugs
- Current consumption: 3,6 Vdc = 75mA in standby, 200mA
- Voice transmission:
12 Vdc = 30mA in standby, 100mA in voice transmission
18 Vdc = 22mA in standby, 69mA in voice transmission
24 Vdc = 18mA in standby, 42mA in voice transmission
26 Vdc = 17mA in standby, 40mA in voice transmission
- Microphone: Otophone type
- GSM Antenna: Integrated, cable type
- Connectors: Power supply with red (+) and black (-) output. Anti-tearing microphone cables with steel core and double coating
- Operating status: Red LED for peripheral status monitoring
- Sensor/Parameters: Accelerometer parameters can be set via SMS
- Weight: 30 gr. approx
- Dimensions: 40 x 39 x 9 mm

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