asd UMTS transmitter in a table lamp
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UMTS transmitter in a table lamp

UMTS transmitter in a table lamp
Brand: Endoacustica
Product Code: UMTS-LAMP

It looks like a normal table lamp, but on the inside it conceals a powerful and sensitive UMTS listening bug. Who can suspect that in it there is a micro system?
Infact the lamp it's available in different designs and colors to combine it with the furnishings. It can send images and sounds at unlimited distance.
The bug can work with motion and voice detection sensor, which will start automatically and send data as soon as someone start talking or there is a noise.
The lamp is perfect for internal surveillance, in office and at home, for example.


Power Supply 220 V, 12 DC, or internal battery
Antenna integrated
Operating time Unlimited if connected to 220 V AC mains, 4/5 days in standby, 4 hours of transmission
Dimensions 80 x 10 x 45 mm

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