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About Us

The site is owned by Endoacustica Europe srl. It's the leading company in the field of security and surveillance.
The company is responsible for the selection and production of a wide range of electronic products for espionage. The proposed devices are among the best on the market and are constantly updated to always respond in the best way the needs of the consumer.
Our motivation is not just professional, but it's a natural inclination for technology and electronic espionage tools, a passion for continuous quality improvement.
This irresistible passion for items of espionage, makes us the undisputed leader in the market with regard to quality, versatility, reliability, and sophistication of the devices produced by us or carefully selected for you.
Our clients will vouch for our commitment in servicing their needs for security and surveillance that go much beyond mere selling of the devices.
Our amazing range of products includes tools to intercept phone and environmental conversations, professional telephone bugs, bugs so small that they can be hidden in everyday objects, jewelery, clothes etc ... micro recorders with wireless transmitters and digital microrecorders with great recording capacity, digital environmental bugs for the exclusive use of law enforcement, hidden micro cameras for shooting hidden video...and much more.
The spystore, also offers a wide range of services for surveillance and counter-surveillance, ongoing support and a lifetime warranty.