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5.  Alternatively you can contact us by phone or email.
- Customer service is available during office time at the following numbers: 0039 (Italy international prefix) 080 43730893/080 3026530.
- The email address is service@endocusticaeurope.com
- You can find us on Skype too (name: endoacustica)
Privacy Policy
We use the information you provide about yourself only to complete the transaction for which the information is intended. It's your right, however, have them altered or deleted, in particular, should they be inaccurate, in accordance with the Article of the Italian Law D.Lgs. 196/2003 on personal data security.
General sales condotion
All communications between Endoacustica Europe and the customer are mainly carried out by e-mail; the customer agrees to regularly check for mail in his mailbox in the days following his request until the conclusion of the contract, or for the regular reception of goods ordered, or pursuant to any other type of request made towards Endoacustica Europe.
The products shown on our web pages may be subject to changes and developments. To ensure maximum usability of products, often these don't correspond exactly to the images on the website. This could make aesthetically unrecognizable devices. These general sale conditions regulate the terms and sale conditions of products marketed by Endoacustica Europe. All contracts for the products sale from the company to third parties are governed by these Terms and Conditions, which are an integral and essential part of any proposal, products order and purchase confirmation. The sale conditions apply to your order are those in force on the date of the same order.
1.Product: prices and characteristics
1.1 Unless otherwise stated, the product prices on the Endoacustica Europe website shall be construed VAT excluded. The prices of the devices from time to time published by Endoacustica Europe supersede and replace earlier ones, and are subject to availability of the tools. Endoacustica Europe reserves itself the right to confirm or change the prices of the items posted on its website or in brochures and advertising material, at the time of order confirmation.

1.2 The technical and functional characteristics relating to the products published by Endoacustica Europe through its promotional messages and information brochures are those reported by the respective manufacturers. Endoacustica Europe assumes no responsibility regarding the accuracy and completeness of such informations. Unless otherwise stated, manuals and software for the products are in English. Product images are indicative and not binding.

1.3 The products aren't provided on trial. Despite the Endoacustica Europe experts can provide indications on the products characteristics, the customer is responsible for choosing the devices ordered, compliance and legality of the specifications set by each manufacturer for your needs. In particular, in accordance with the Community rules (DL 09.05.2002 n. 269) some equipment may only be purchased outside the European Union, while within the territory of the EU, their sale is restricted only to members of the police.
2. Orders and Invoicing
2.1 All product forms sent to Endoacustica Europe should be complete in every entirety and must contain all the elements necessary for the proper identification of the device ordered. Each form transmitted to Endoacustica Europe constitutes a contractual offer from the customer and, therefore, will be binding only if confirmed by Endoacustica Europe. Processing an order by Endoacustica Europe equivalent to confirmation and acceptance of the same. Upon receipt the order, the company will automatically send an e-mail confirmation, containing a summary of the order. The customer may revoke it within a day working.

2.2 Endoacustica Europe reserves the right to not accept incomplete orders. In case of non-execution of the order by Endoacustica Europe (if the same is due to unavailability of the products ordered by the customer) Endoacustica Europe will soon inform the customer, reserves the right to substitute an equivalent item characteristics, size and price. Unable to further meet the demand, Endoacustica Europe will propose alternative solutions to the customer, who will be entitled to cancel the order if they will not be deemed acceptable by him. Endoacustica Europe will then reimburse the amounts, if already paid for the provision has not been performed. In this case the customer is not entitled to any refund, compensation or damages.

2.3 The fiscal documentation relating to the products ordered will be issued by Endoacustica Europe at the time of the products shipment to the customer. If the customer is VAT owner and wish to receive invoice in his own name, must indicate this request when ordering.
3. Shipping
3.1 Deliveries are normally made by courier. Endoacustica Europe has the right, in its sole discretion, to make delivery of the products ordered by other means it considers appropriate.

3.2 The shipping methods are agreed with the client. The cost varies depending on the chosen mode of delivery made by the customer and according to the destination or the timeframe of the shipping service.

3.3 The delivery times indicated by Endoacustica Europe relate to the products at its warehouse and, despite being carefully evaluated, are not binding for Endoacustica Europe, which can then confirm or change, depending on your actual needs. Any delay in delivery of up to 160 (one hundred and sixty) days shall not entitle the customer to refuse delivery of the goods or to claim damages or compensations.

3.4 Endoacustica Europe has the right to make delivery of products (even on the same order) in successive deliveries without prejudice, in this case, one charged to the customer in respect of costs of transport.

3.5 Conditions and terms of delivery must be agreed between the customer and Endoacustica Europe and accepted by the company.
4. Product warranties, and Technical Assistance
4.1 Endoacustica Europe ensures the integrity of the material produced at the time of delivery. Any problems on the material integrity must be reported by the customer, subject to forfeiture, no later than 7 (seven) days from the date of delivery. In case of validity of the Guarantee Endoacustica Europe, the customer will be entitled to replacement of products damaged upon return of same, being excluded the customer right of compensation for any further damage. Shipping costs required for the replacement product shall be borne by Endoacustica Europe.

4.2 Without prejudice to the provisions of article 4.1, Endoacustica Europe doesn't provide any guarantee on the additional products that provided by individual manufacturers. Technical support and warranty work on the device are made, where applicable, by individual manufacturers in accordance with terms and conditions listed in the documentation attached to the articles themselves. In particular, Endoacustica Europe doesn't give any guarantee about the compatibility of the product with other products or equipment used by the customer, not give any guarantee regarding the suitability of the product for the specific use. The warranty on the material integrity of the products at the time of delivery don't cover damage due to negligence or incompetence of the ordering customer or caused by reasons of force majeure, natural disasters or third parties.

4.3 If Endoacustica Europe is responsible towards of the customer - including the case of default, in whole or in part, its obligations in respect of the same following the execution of an order – the Endoacustica Europe responsibility cannot be higher than the price of the products purchased by the customer and for which the dispute arose.
5. Right of Withdrawal
5.1 As stated by the Italian Legislative Decree 206/05 (artt. 64-67), the customer has the right to withdraw from the sale agreement without penalties and without giving any explanation within ten (10) working days from the receipt of the goods. The right of withdrawal is only applicable to the customer “consumer” who buys as a private individual, as established by law. In no case is applicable to business customers, in respect of which is subject to the rules laid down in Articles. 1341 and following of the Italian Civil Code.

5.2 The customer have to inform Endoacustica Europe of his intention to withdraw from contract (indicating how you desire to be reimbursed) with registered letter with return receipt send to Endoacustica Europe Europe s.r.l, via Umbero Terracini, 47 – 70029 Santeramo in Colle (BA), within ten (10) working days of receipt of goods. Within the same term you can also send a telegram or a telefax as long as you provide to send confirmation via registered letter with return receipt within the subsequent 48 hours.

5.3 Within the same term the customer have to return the goods, at your expenses and under your responsibility, in perfect condition. All returns must be authorized by Customer Service Endoacustica Europe. Upon receipt of the authorization, the customer can return the product to the following address: Endoacustica Europe , via Umbero Terracini, 47 - 70029 Santeramo in Colle (BA).

5.4 Endoacustica Europe will reimburse the money within thirty (30) working days, after have received the goods and checked that they are in perfect condition. It may retain, if necessary, the amount of shippinh costs that will remain permanently borne by the customer.

Unless otherwise agreed between the parties, the customer can't exercise the right of withdrawal provided in articles. 64 and following of Legislative Decree no. 206/05, in these cases:
a) supply of services if the use has begun, with the consumer's agreement, before the expiry of the period laid down in Article 64, paragraph 1
b) supply of goods or services whose price is dependent on fluctuations in the financial market rate that the expert isn't able to control;
c) supply of goods custom-made or clearly personalized or which, by their nature, cannot be returned or are liable to deteriorate or expire rapidly;
d) supply of audio or computer software which were unsealed by the consumer.
6. Place of jurisdiction
Notwithstanding the possible applicable mandatory provisions of law for the protection of consumers, any dispute related to these Sale Conditions shall be referred to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Court of Bari.
The improper use of some products in our catalog violate national laws on confidentiality of privacy and communications interception. Endoacustica Europe doesn't assume any responsibility for illegal use of such equipment. The trade marks reproduced in this website are property of the companies that prohibits the reproduction of the same.

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